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  1. Opsommingsteken Founded in 2008

  2. Opsommingsteken PartnerValley is a network of experienced senior consultants who deliver consultancy services in the area of IT Consultancy (Functional and Technical), Business Consultancy, Change Management, Project/Program Management and Interim Management

  3. Opsommingsteken The management of the company consists of ex-Partners of a big Consultancy Company

  4. Opsommingsteken  Assignments cover both Business and IT

  5. Opsommingsteken PartnerValley consultants have gained their experience in the industry and/or within large consulting companies

  6. Opsommingsteken The majority of the PartnerValley consultants have minimum 10 years of professional experience

  7. Opsommingsteken The key to our client relationships is our ability to combine technical expertise with business understanding. Reason for which we work mainly with seasoned consultants.

  8. Opsommingsteken Our consultants cover a broad range of technical and functional areas and are used to work on big projects and are used working in a methodological way. They are very flexible in adapting to the customer’s methodology

  9. Opsommingsteken Our customers appreciate our Quality,  expertise and commitment to deliver high quality services.

  10. Opsommingsteken Our consultants understand that change management and communication is one of the main success factors in projects. Implementing software at an organization usually involves various organizational, technological, and social changes.